Serving With Purpose


Production & Employment

Self Help Enterprises provides work opportunities for individuals with disabilities who cannot meet productivity standards established by the local general industry workforce. Workers at our facility are able to earn a paycheck which provides great purpose and esteem. Just as important, however, is having a community where they are able to interact with their peers daily, accept new challenges, and support each other in their work and their lives. This all leads to a sense of self-worth and self-esteem which will help as each individual considers the possibility of competitive and integrated employment in the community.

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The work at Self Help consists of:

Hand Packaging: filling or inserting items in packages, small boxes and bags; weighing, labeling, wrapping, and checking the product.

Small Parts Assembly: assembly of small items by assembly line or individual; may use small tools but no automated assembly machines

General Labor: performing hand tasks not requiring skill training or skill development (i.e. placing items in packaging, facility maintenance and cleaning, paper shredding, etc.)


Self Help operates two residential homes in the Sterling/Rock Falls area. In addition to providing a safe living environment, Self Help staff strive to support independence for each individual. Our DSP staff assist the residents in their day to day activities while providing training to build life skills including food preparation, housekeeping tasks, personal hygiene, and safe access to the community. The individuals in the homes experience a family-like atmosphere where they navigate life together, and participate in their communities, along with the help of our DSP staff.

Community Day Services

Each person has his or her own Right to have dreams and live the life of their choosing. At Self Help Enterprises, we understand each person’s need for autonomy and self-determination.  We believe each person has a right to control his or her own life and destiny.

All human beings, have the same basic needs for physical comfort, security, a sense of belonging, love, and fulfillment.  Our Community Day Services provide individuals with support, encouragement, activities, and experiences through evidence-based practices, that promote self-determination and community inclusion for an improved quality of life.

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As a responsible service provider, we are committed to offering quality services that provide structure, to ensure quality of our services and flexibility to be responsive to the individual needs of those we support.  Person Centered Topics and opportunities are varied for the individuals we work with to gain meaningful experiences and skills that are designed to enhance the quality of their lives in multiple areas.

Physical Well Being/Leisure 
Health and Safety
Explore & Learn Virtually
Creative Expression

Music- Acting- Writing- Art- Dance
Independent/Small Group Activities – Encourage socialization skills
Self-Determination- All of the following categories are important elements of Self-Determination.
Relationships- Building and encouraging positive relationships within the community, people outside paid support workers.
Helping Others- Taking the focus off ourselves and onto others is a proven way to help people feel good about themselves and give meaning to our lives. 
Independence- Being able to do things for yourself is a powerful factor in self-determination
Self-Advocacy- Speaking up for yourself is another powerful way for people to gain self-confidence and is a key component in Self-Determination
I have Rights- Understanding your rights is more than just going over them as a technical requirement once a year at an annual meeting.  Just like learning and understanding any information, understanding “rights” is presented in terms people understand and reviewed on a regular basis to come to true understanding.
Personal Growth- Living is growing. Helping participants identifying goals is the first step in giving meaning and value to living your best life.
Community Involvement
Work Opportunities

Early Intervention

The Birth to Three program serves children from birth to three years old and their families that are enrolled in the Illinois Early Intervention program. Children served have a developmental delay, are at risk of a developmental delay, or have a diagnosed medial condition. We serve children in the Whiteside and Lee Counties. Services are provided by an Illinois Early Intervention credentialed developmental therapist. Program services include developmental evaluations/assessments, ongoing developmental therapy, and parent support. Therapy sessions are play-based and focus on the child’s global development. The program is family-centered to assist families with facilitating the development of their child so they can reach their optimum potential. We provide education, information, and support to help parents understand their child’s development and maximize their interactions during everyday activities. Please call us if you have any questions about your child’s development or would like to have them evaluated.

Home Based Supports

Adult Home-Based Waiver Services allows an individual to receive Community Day Services and to learn and maintain skills while continuing to live at home. Individuals are chosen by lottery from the PUNS list (Prioritization for Urgency of Need for Services) and are assisted by Service Inc. if they choose a Self-Directed Assistant. A Self-Directed Assistant helps individuals who receive Adult or Children Home Based Waiver services. The family can be their own Self-Directed Assistant or have a QIDP employed by an agency. The Self-Directed Assistant helps the family determine monthly budget allocation for Community Day Services and Personal Support Workers. The SDA helps with the paperwork and training of Personal Support Workers and gives the family ideas about Community Resources that may be beneficial. The Self-Directed Assistant communicates with other members of the team that assist the individual and writes the Implementation Plan/Strategy from information presented in the Discovery Tool and Person-Centered Plan. The Self-Directed Assistant also completes home visits if the family desires this option and completes all paperwork to comply with Department of Human Services and services related to Home Based Services.

Community Integration & Events

Self Help strives for community integration for our individuals. Attendance at community events is encouraged and outings are incorporated in the Community Days Services program when possible. Obviously, the Covid-19 pandemic has put restrictions on our ability to participate in community activities. We have worked hard to balance the need for developing relationships with the need to protect everyone’s health as we navigate this pandemic. IDPH and DHS have provided us with guidelines to follow to keep our individuals, our staff, and our community as safe as we can. Our individuals look forward to the day where we can be more involved in our communities through participation in activities, and contributing to the betterment of our neighborhoods.


Self Help’s recycling program includes cardboard and other paper products, aluminum cans, residential electronics, and document destruction. 

Residents may drop off electronic items for recycling between the hours of 8:30am – 3:00pm. 

Cardboard, office paper, and aluminum cans maybe dropped off 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the recycling building in the west parking lot. 

There is a fee to accept some items, so if you have any questions, you may call the agency at 815-626-3115 between the hours of 8:00am – 4:00pm. All recycling fees and donations go to support the mission of Self Help Enterprises and the individuals that we serve.

Stage 2 resale shop

Stage Two is a Resale Shop that is operated by Self Help Enterprises. All proceeds from the sale of items go to supporting individuals with disabilities. Come visit us for shopping, or donating items at 205 St. Mary’s Street, Sterling, IL.