What Is The Endowment Fund?

Rock River Valley Self Help Enterprises mission is to provide quality habilitative programs and services that promote advocacy, empowerment, and the development of independent functioning skills of individuals with disabilities, which allows for maximum participation in the community.

Ways To Give

Cash Gifts
A gift of cash is a simple and effective way of expressing your commitment to Rock River Valley Self Help Enterprises, Inc.

Donating (transferring) appreciated securities to the Endowment Fund provides financial support for generations to come, while offering certain tax benefits. Gifts of appreciated securities provide the donor with tax benefits for both the capital gain and the charitable gift.

Will Bequests
A will is one of the simplest and most flexible ways to distribute the majority of estate assets. Even modest estates can make charitable bequests through this type of planning. Bequests permit the donor to retain control of assets throughout the donor’s life and/or throughout the life of a loved one. Gifts to the Endowment Fund may include specific property, a dollar amount, a percentage of the estate, or the amount that remains in an estate after bequests to loved ones have been honored.

Life Insurance
Not all life insurance may be needed for the purpose it was originally purchased. Making a gift of a life insurance policy, or naming Rock River Valley Self Help Enterprises, Inc. as a beneficiary, may allow a sizeable gift to the Endowment Fund with minimal cost to the donor.

A trust may be established with assets transferred to the trust and managed by a trustee of your choosing. The Endowment Fund could be a beneficiary of trust proceeds.


Rock River Valley Self Help Enterprises, Inc.’s Endowment Fund aspires to increase the range of giving opportunities available to our donors while continuing to fulfill our agency mission-driven programs. Together we can make this solid organization even stronger for all those we serve.

We invite you to work with our Endowment Fund Team to satisfy your estate planning goals and needs. As you envision gifts that will make an enduring difference in the lives of all those we touch, you can be sure that Rock River Valley Self Help Enterprises, Inc. will continue to be a positive, values-driven agency.